"Built to last"

These labels are impossible to destroy even in outdoor conditions or with exposure to chemicals! With our industrial labels, CITRUS puts the ABLE in DURABLE.  

From high-quality aluminum metal equipment tags, to long-life labeling, we specialize in label printing for the manufacturing and industrial fields. Our permanent labels adhere excellently to walls, equipment, windows and even to curved or rough surfaces, and they always stand up to grease, oil and industrial chemicals. Our tough condition-proof labels support your products by sticking to them through the good times and the hard. They are created for outdoor durability and stay in top condition no matter what.


Safety Labels

Caution: Feel safe with CITRUS!!
CITRUS's printed safety labels, with their eye catching colors, warn your consumers of hazardous conditions, preventing errors or injury. Our safety labels are extremely versatile, capable of being attached to all surfaces so they can be used for any safety labeling. In addition, we provide permanent printing that will not fade out or rub off.
In industrial chemical labeling the label plays an important role in product safety since it identifies products and any possible hazardous components.