"Built to last"

These labels are impossible to destroy even in outdoor conditions or with exposure to chemicals! With our industrial labels, CITRUS puts the ABLE in DURABLE.  

From high-quality aluminum metal equipment tags, to long-life labeling, we specialize in label printing for the manufacturing and industrial fields. Our permanent labels adhere excellently to walls, equipment, windows and even to curved or rough surfaces, and they always stand up to grease, oil and industrial chemicals. Our tough condition-proof labels support your products by sticking to them through the good times and the hard. They are created for outdoor durability and stay in top condition no matter what.


Calibration Labels

Labels that manage to last

Can your LABEL be your MANAGER? YES... CITRUS offers smudge-free labels that better manage your calibrated equipments, due dates, reference numbers, warnings and maintenance instructions. They also withstand the toughest conditions, making sure your message continues to last. Our labels also help you identify and keep track of critical information on materials moving through your “calibration process.”

These paper labels are designed to make identification and inventory control easy.  Label options include barcodes, color-coded blocks and areas for adding handwritten information used in inspection, repairs, quality control, batch control and inventory.