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"An Extreme Makeover"

We understand the importance of standing out from the crowd. That’s why the CITRUS team can offer your product an extreme make over. We provide your product with luxurious labels made with creative printing techniques that will mirror your superior brand. From the feel of the label to the consistent use of patterns and design to the luxurious paper chosen for your product, everything is a part of a whole that creates a brand image the consumer will remember, and serves as the first point of entry to the brand identity. We print labels with heart, soul and an exclusive personality that will stick in the consumer’s mind. Make your brand unique by molding your own cases; having your own molds and designs makes your product distinctive and instantly recognizable. With CITRUS as your calling card, all doors are open to you and your product.

Scented Labels

Yes that is the smell of success!!

Give your product an advantage on the shelf by highlighting not only its appearance and feel but also by appealing to the sense of smell.
In a competitive field where consumers are surrounded by millions and millions of packages, how can you set your product apart?

By engaging your consumers multiple senses before they’ve even opened the package.