"Feast your Eyes"

A true dining experience engages many senses. First you see the sumptuous product before you and your eyes predict how delicious your eating adventure will be. Next you take a big whiff, the aroma overpowering you, then that first exhilarating bite! The right label helps your product whet the appetite and foretells of the irresistible taste within. Try CITRUS food labels for products that are enjoyed at every course.

“Fat Free Label”

CITRUS understands the diversity of this market and the various substrates for which our labels are in demand. That’s why CITRUS offers Fat Free Labels that remain unimpaired and unsusceptible to damage no matter what type of food they are attached to, where it is put or when it expires.


Open Closure Labels

They say “Don’t cut what you can untie”

WE SAY “Don’t cut what you can reseal”

Make your consumers’ lives simpler with our open-closure labeling that doesn’t require scissors or a knife; it is all about three easy steps: Open Enjoy Close.

Retain product freshness and moisture and repeat as desired.