"Stick Around"

Our durable “stick around” labels resist the toughest conditions and stick to your products like glue. Once they’re on, they never come off! CITRUS guarantees you labels that will last forever.

Safety Instruction Labels

Caution: Feel safe with CITRUS!!

CITRUS's printed safety labels, with their eye catching colors, warn your consumers of hazardous conditions, preventing errors or injury. Our safety labels are extremely versatile, capable of being attached to all surfaces so they can be used for any safety labeling. In addition, we provide permanent printing that will not fade out or rub off.

Longer life? Your wish is our command!

CITRUS adds its final touch of film over laminate to protect your labels against chemicals, dirt, grease, sunlight and much more. We also offer adhesives for long-term bonding to challenging surfaces such as plastic, metal or concrete.