"Drinkable Design & Diversity"

Good drinks come in beautiful packages with original labels. CITRUS's high quality, artistic and creative printing will showcase your brand and highlight your beverage's packaging, while our wide use of graphics will make your unique product truly one of a kind. Long-lasting as well as stylish, CITRUS’s inventive printing surfaces ensure that your labels are unaffected by extremes of temperature and moisture, leaving you with a beautiful package that withstands the test of time. Here at CITRUS, we know that your brand is special, and nothing says personal care like the “what is suitable for you brand” report, provided by us to suit your product's specific qualities. Cheers to our diverse, eye catching and imperishable label choices…and we’ll drink to that!

Wet Glue

When dry conversation just won't do, our wet glue labels are easy to use and are as high quality as their CITRUS siblings. With these labels the only thing that permanently sticks is your brand image in the consumer’s mind. Our wet glue labels serve your industry perfectly with high return on investments in terms of quality, energy, time and money.
Traditional appearance, flexibility, moisture absorbance, excellent tensile strength, increased water resistance, weight support, long-lasting label performance and aesthetics as well as the cost effective production of high quality and shorter runs that our innovative GALLUS EM280 provides in one single journey: printing, finishing, varnishing and die-cutting.